Important Guides When Doing a PCB Assembly

Posted in Electronics on April 8th, 2015
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In PCB assembly, the final steps are usually the easiest to do. However, the challenge remains in selecting the suitable components when setting it all up. For builders, plugging and enabling the connectors which includes insertion of screws take very less time than in selecting the components for the gear.

It only takes a short time to assemble a PCB and familiarize oneself with the process using a few simple hand tools. The difficulty, however, lies in the troubleshooting stage where a lot of time is spent just in figuring out what went wrong. Here are a few steps to consider when building your PCB and some guidelines to eliminate mistakes when doing this.

Always be mindful of the critical components during the build. Consider major concerns that can impact your work such as electrostatic discharge. An electrostatic discharge or ESD contributes to damage hardware. Considering your workspace and what it needs can help solve these such as using an antistatic mat placed under the chair to also discharge your body. A humidifier is also recommended to use in extremely dry working environments.

PCB AssemblyOccasionally touching the ground or a metal case in a plugged-in system also helps. When these are to be used outside the production environment, grounded wrist straps are also used for extra protection. Taking these most basic precautions eliminates any damage to the sensitive parts of the build.

Another important thing to consider is dropping occurrences. Broken components can result out of this. Be cautious in handling parts such as hard disk drives especially during the installation process. Set aside components that may easily fall in order to reduce damage. Place these in a safe location until you’re ready to install them.

Minding the critical moments in the installation part spells a huge difference. Most of the time, dropping processors in their interfaces becomes unavoidable. Changes in the ways manufacturers have processed these interfaces may pose some issues that could result in dropping. Slight damages can affect your PCB assembly and can lead to insufficient contact pressure. That’s why it is important to be mindful of these processes when you do the build.

Installing a processor is easy since it doesn’t need tools to get it in place. However, a few things may go wrong and significant problems may arise. As a precautionary measure, it’s vital to keep the sockets clean and free from dirt. Thoroughly inspect them to make sure there are no interferences that can affect how the processor will work.

System builders often make most common mistakes when installing the CPU coolers and heat stinks. It can be that too much interface material is used, the cooler is placed improperly and the point of the fan may be directed in the wrong direction. Prior to installing, you need to ensure that the heat spreader and the base of the cooler are clean as well.

A thermal material made of high quality needs to be applied during PCB assembly. Heat transfer is affected when there is too little or too much interface material used. It’s important to apply enough to protect and cover the heat spreader using a paper thin layer. A dab smaller than a pea is enough to serve as the thermal interface material.

Make sure that pressure and contact of the cooler is seated properly with the CPU. A slight alteration can damage the processor and overheat it. Consider also the position in mounting the cooler and make sure that this is seated properly to avoid damage. Make sure to follow these guidelines when doing PCB assembly to save time and effort.

Tips for a Successful Employee Engagement Survey

Posted in Technology on February 3rd, 2015
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If you are the kind of boss who constantly wants to learn and understand the people that make your company, then you are a good boss. Why? Because it means you know that a great team of people is one of the many factors that contribute to your company’s success.

Surveys are a great way to gain the knowledge you need to attract and retain quality personnel. Among the best surveys you can conduct are employee engagement surveys.

What is an Employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement surveys are designed to understand and evaluate your employees’ attitude and level of initiative to exert discretionary effort in their job. It measures the commitment of your staff not just on their job but also in the company’s overall objective. By hearing out your employees, you are giving them a sense of belonging and you’re helping them really identify themselves with the company’s corporate culture and core values.

Tips to conduct successful Employee engagement surveys

Administering an employee engagement surveys is not a task for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of work and patience to come up with a survey that can yield both meaningful and actionable results.

If this is your first time conducting employee engagement surveys in your organization, here are some tips you are sure to find useful:

1. Set your goals.

employee engagement surveyBefore you conduct your survey and ask your employees about their commitment to the company, you should ask yourself first why you are administering the employee engagement survey. Obviously, you want to improve employee engagement but goal setting aims to answer the other “why” question which is “Why do you want to improve employee engagement?” By knowing what you plan to do with the data you will be collecting from the survey, you can determine the success or failure of your engagement survey.

2. Ask the right questions.

The success of an employee engagement survey lies in asking the right questions. Throwing in questions about the quality of food in the cafeteria, parking availability, or team building locations do not really get to the heart of the issue. Avoid lagging questions and go for leading ones that are related to aspects like commitment, motivation and initiative.

3. Include your employees in the process.

Tip number three (3) is directly related to tip number two (2). Including your employees in the process of creating employee engagement surveys will help you gain idea of what the right questions to ask are. By knowing what aspects of the workplace employees deem as important, you will be able to come up with a survey that will determine what can make your employees stay for the long haul. Make your employees know that you are conducting this survey with them and for them.

4. Treat the survey as a tool for improvement.

The mistake usually made by employers when conducting employee engagement surveys is that once they get the information, they consider the process done. As an employer, you should know that an employee engagement survey is just a starting tool for improvement. It is designed so that you can use the data you collected to know what to do next.

5. Acknowledge employee feedback.

You cannot just receive the feedback of your employee without letting them know. Remember the “Make your employees know that you are conducting this survey with them and for them” part of tip number three (3)? This is related to that, too. By acknowledging their feedback through small gifts or incentives, you are not just letting them know that you are hearing them out but also encouraging them to participate the next time you conduct an employee engagement survey.

What Makes Challenge Coins Special?

Posted in Military on January 23rd, 2015
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Challenge coins are a symbol of hard work, dedication, and bravery that the military personnel put to complete their missions. Men in uniform like soldiers, marines, navy, and others cherish their custom coins and carry them wherever they go. Every unit or squadron in the military has their own coins to easily identify which group they belong. These coins are also given to those who have survived the battle as a symbol of their bravery. American presidents usually have racks of such coins that they display in their houses. The much older presidents’ coins are kept in museums so the common public can view it.

The Importance of Customized Challenge Coins

Challenge coinsThis type of coin is not only limited to the armed forces. They serve different purposes. In the military, it helps boost the soldier’s morale. It is also a symbol of unity and strong bond of the entire group.

Personalized coins refer to the type of coins that belong to a particular branch in the military. For instance, the customized army coins have their specific mission statement printed on it. Other lifesaving groups like fire brigades, policemen, and others can also carry this type of coin. These are also brave individuals who put their lives in danger to save others from getting hurt who receive this type of coin.

Designing a Challenge Coin

The challenge coin differs in color, figure, style, and size. For more designs you can contact to Designing these coins is not an easy thing to do. But, there is no need for you to hire an expert to design the coins. All you need is a clear vision of your mission. Creative minds can do this task easily. Everything you will add in the coins like symbols, color scheme, mission statement, and others should be mission-oriented. Also, make sure that your coin design is unique.

The Evolution of Challenge Coins

As time passes, the meaning of having these coins has changed. In the beginning, these coins were used by military men to challenge other soldiers and to identify which unit they belong. In the 1980s, these coins were awarded to outstanding government officers. At present, the challenge coin is also used by many private groups for various purposes. Some companies use these coins to market their products and services. Others use them to inform people about upcoming events. Many use these coins to acknowledge the achievement or hard work of their workers. Each company has its own coin with a distinct design to make it different from others.

How to Order Challenge Coins

Normally, people would search the Internet to find the best provider of custom coins. However, only few are aware of the things that they need to consider when choosing the right vendor. Here are some tips on how to purchase the best possible coin for you and your organization.

The most important thing to consider is the quality. When asking for an estimate from a company, bear in mind these questions:

  • How thick will the coins be?
  • What type of paint will be used — hard enamel or soft enamel?
  • What is the estimated time of completion?
  • How will the plating look like?
  • What type of coins do you want — alloy-centered or brass-centered?
  • How will they deliver/ship the challenge coins?

Don’t just settle for the first company that you will find on the Internet. Compare the services and the prices of at least four (4) companies. Choose the one that will provide quality work at affordable prices or within your set budget. Be very careful in choosing the company. Keep in mind that you will be spending a lot for these coins so make sure that you will get what you have paid for.

Conducting Effective Business by Wearing Golf Shirts Instead of Shirts and Ties

Posted in Sports on January 20th, 2015
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Golf may seem like an innocent game being played for the purpose of leisure. That much is true as a lot of people do enjoy the sport. However, what it is more popular for is conducting business. Sometimes, suits and sharp ties aren’t necessary to be able to wing it. Something as casual and relaxed as golf shirts can actually do the job – and do it better.

There are a number of things people need to understand about the sport. Most are under the impression that it’s boring, and that it is somehow a way for business people to inconspicuously plot things and agree on it. The first point is somewhat true, while the second one isn’t always true. Below are a few brief points that can explain the efficiency of doing business while wearing golf shirts.

1. Everyone can play golf. Sports vary in many ways, but the majority require a lot of movement and physical effort. Therefore, if you ask a sixty-five-year-old CEO for a game of tennis, you are basically putting him at risk of a heart attack (unless, of course, he is perfectly healthy and physically able).

golf shirts2. To support the first point, the reason why playing sports is ideal in business is because it’s a way to build relationships, and not just close deals. In fact, only a few deals are actually being closed in the golf course. One of the reasons why many business executives tend to invite their clients and partners over for a game is to get to know their prospects in a deeper level without losing corporate formality. It is leisurely, but at the same time, everyone is still under the notion that it’s business.

3. In relation to the previous entry, players will only take a small portion of the entire four-hour game hitting the ball, leaving them with plenty of time to talk. There will be no choice for both or all players as well. If there are ways to avoid talking in the office, what else should they be doing best while in the field?

4. It is an effective way of testing one’s character. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience and good strategies, making it a good way of measuring a person’s ability to remain calm despite being under pressure. It can also test his decision-making skills. This is particularly true for managers eyeing employees for a promotion.

5. There are some things that shirts and ties can hide in a person. Think of it as some kind of costume that allows people to instantly change their persona. Golf shirts, on the other hand, relax people. They will unintentionally become more casual and open, thus exposing underlying personalities they often hold back inside the confines of a well-ironed suit.

Generally, business is about handling people. If you’ve noticed, the main benefit you get from playing golf with employees and partners alike is that you get to know them better. This is especially important when dealing with clients and prospects, since they need to be handled more delicately. Understanding who they are in a personal level allows leaders to make carefully measured decisions, thus conducting effective business.

Understand also that this is a two-way communication. Golf shirts allow superiors and executives to relax their “boss” image and level with their subordinates. In other words, you open yourself to becoming friends with your people. Some view this with distaste because of the fact that they do not want to establish any kind of connection with their staff beyond the regular boss-employee relationship they have. Keep in mind, however, that trust is the foundation of a stable organization, and relating with them this way can help in establishing it.

HCG Drops and Weight Loss

Posted in Weight Loss on January 8th, 2015
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It’s easy for one to think that homeopathic HCG drops can sound like a too-good-to-be-true, magical cure for helping obese people lose weight. While they’re not magical, they are a powerful supplement that can indeed help people lose amazing amounts of weight very quickly. HCG drops are made from a naturally-occurring hormone. The liquid drops are intended to be placed under a dieter’s tongue, thus allowing the hormone to slip into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, HCG helps a person lose weight by diminishing her sense of hunger and also by encouraging her body to begin burning fat reserves more efficiently. As long as a person using HCG drops simultaneously adheres to the HCG diet, she should be able to expect to lose one to two pounds of body fat per day, on average.

best hcg dropsHow do HCG drops work? Firstly by being as convenient to use as they could possibly be. The drops come in a pre-mixed formula, which means they are ready to use as soon as the bottle arrives in the dieter’s hands. Secondly, the drops enter a dieter’s body by being absorbed into the bloodstream. That happens when the dieter places her daily dose of HCG drops under her tongue. Once in the bloodstream, HCG goes to work by stimulating the hypothalamus gland, which helps to regulate both hunger and thirst. it also encourages the body to begin burning fat reserves in order to supply energy. While on the HCG diet, a person may consume not more than 500 calories per day. She may also eat only the limited selection of approved foods. While that food must consumed in small portions, and the selection of food options is limited, the drops help to curb one’s appetite. That lack of appetite makes it much easier to maintain one’s diet.

It’s vitally important that a dieter stick to the strict guidelines of the HCG while using the hormone supplements. If a person vies in to temptation and eats foods that are loaded with empty calories, then no weight loss will occur. Also, if the dieter fails to take the correct daily dosage of HCG, hunger pangs can become intolerable, making her susceptible to gorging on diet-busting foods. It cannot be emphasized enough that, if a person eats the wrong kinds of foods while on an HCG diet, her ability to lose weight will either be compromised or else forfeited entirely.

Homeopathic HCG drops work. That statement assumes that a dieter is willing to adhere to the rules and instructions of every phase of the diet plan. Drops are the most affordable version of HCG delivery. They’re also easy to use. (They require no painful or complicated injections!) While using HCG, a person might feel as though they found a magical weight-loss formula. In fact, there’s nothing magical about HCG drops.

Obesity has been a problem for both men and women for a long time. Being severely overweight can prevent people from doing all sorts of activities that they love to do. People can find it hard to be active because they might begin to tire quickly. Also, the sheer weight of excess body fat can take its toll on a human body. Out of the need for a solution to the obesity problem, the HCG weight loss therapy was born.

The Basics of a Keynote Speaker

Posted in Motivation on January 5th, 2015
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A keynote speaker introduces a meeting or a topic in an event. They discuss the topic further and grab the attention of the audience. They either provide the outline for the upcoming discussion or wrap the topics up before the meeting adjourns.

Keynote speakersWhen people attend meetings, discussions, or gatherings, they usually have other stuff going on in their minds – family issues, work-related stuff, and other personal concerns – that’s why there are keynote speakers to arouse the audience’s attention. Hence, a keynote speaker has to have this positive image for people to follow his speeches.

What traits does a keynote speaker have to possess to be good in his craft?

He knows how to approach the audience.

A good keynote speaker will know how to hit the balance regarding building rapport, gaining credibility and capturing his audience’s attention. Underestimating the audience will cause boredom; overestimating the audience will bring confusion.

A good speaker will coordinate with the event’s organizers to ensure he is completely aware of the crowd he’s going to be with, and to prepare himself for the audience he’ll be addressing.

He understands what the speech is all about.

This seems simple enough, but the keynote speaker has to stay focused on his topic and has to be perfectly clear on what he’s going to discuss. Some keynote speakers tend to eventually promote and sell themselves during the speech, which clearly should not be the case.

What the speaker needs to do is to discuss and promote the event itself, and the speech has to be memorable, pragmatic, and lasting.

He knows how to pace his talk.

Speeches can be as short as 20 minutes, or as long as an hour. What should be noted though is that the pace should be more important than the speech’s length. A fast pace would tire the audience, and a slow pace will bore them.

Good keynote speakers will know how to raise the intensity, and to soften the discussion to keep the audience’s interest. He knows not to end a speech with a Q&A portion – he should sum it up at the end to instill knowledge and understanding.

He knows how to entertain.

Humor makes good speeches flow well. A good keynote speaker should make sure he understands how to use humor to his advantage, and which jokes should be thrown that won’t offend his listeners.

Some people understand things better when topics are not delivered in a serious tone. Speakers should be clear though on how to present jokes and anecdotes properly so he could deliver his message well.

He doesn’t use props that much.

It’s not wrong to use props, but they should be used minimally so as not to overwhelm the audience with too much information. PowerPoint presentations, charts, and posters are okay, but they can be a bit boring and the speech may appear like a boring school lecture.

Yes, props can substantiate a key detail, but it’s better to let the keynote speaker do the talking. After all, that’s why they’re called “keynote speakers” – they talk.

He delivers a good ‘call-to-action’.

A good keynote speaker has succeeded with his mission if his audience stands up from their seats with lessons learned, and with a good grasp of what to do next. If he doesn’t walk away with actionable concepts, then sadly he might have failed.

Effective keynote speakers should establish ideas early on the discussion and scatter them throughout the speech through observations, facts, and some personal stories. He should leave his audience with messages to ponder with, and with questions that they can ask themselves for further assistance and enlightenment.

Storage Containers’ Unique and Peculiar Uses

Posted in Logistics on January 1st, 2015
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Storage containers are not just for storing your things, you can use them for various purposes and some people even use them in odd ways. They are resilient, study, and secure. You can use the portable containers as your storage room if you don’t have enough space in your house to store your things. The beauty about having portable containers in your own yard is that you can easily access your things or store your things away without the need to travel far. You just need to satisfy the area of space and/or height of clearance that the storage provider requires.

The container can be rented out or you can purchase it and turn it into something that will be able to satisfy your needs. Take note that you can only make some modifications on your container if you already own it.

Turn your Container into a Shed

Storage containerIf you have been waiting for years to have a shed in your yard but time does not allow you to build one, then you can buy your own metal container and turn it into a shed. It is the perfect solution to reduce clutter and at the same time provide easy access to your tools and other equipments. It is aesthetically appealing and you can modify the inside of your container according to your preference. You can paint the outside and alter it a bit if you want, to make it blend well with the surroundings and your home.

Storage Container for a Den or Office

If you can’t find a suitable spot in your home where you can be alone, then you can turn your storage container into a den or office. There are metal storage containers that have marine wood floors and special walls that allow the owners to turn their metal container into a room where they can stay. The containers are safe and secure, sturdy, and can withstand any weather. You can feel safe even if you stay in your metal container to keep the noise under control. You will be able to concentrate on your work without worrying.

An Extra Room for the Guests

If there is a relative or two who often comes over and stay for the night and you have a limited space and rooms in your home, then you might feel troubled in giving that person a place to stay. It is already bothersome to make your relative stay in your house all the time and you might feel awkward in letting him or her stay in a motel. It is wise to get yourself storage container to avoid such situations. You can turn it into an extra room where you can let your guests spend the night. You and your family will still have the house all by yourselves and you will avoid awkward encounter with your guest.

A Different Library

Are you looking for a community project? Why not put up a different kind of library using storage containers? If your still have no library in your community, then it is the best time to have one or two. You only need an open space which you are permitted to use and put the metal container there. The entire community can help out in making the library beautiful. You can have another one when you have gathered enough funds for the next.

A Store

You can also turn your storage container into a mini shop if you are planning to run a business. Secure the papers that you need to provide (permits, license, etc.) and everything that you need to do first before putting your storage container shop in your target area of business.

There are so many uses of storage containers, and the possibilities of turning them into something else are endless.

Use Lanyards to Promote Your Business

Posted in Product on December 26th, 2014
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Looking for something to promote your business effectively and at the same time spend less? Why not consider using lanyards?

A company looking for an item to serve as a promotional product should make sure that they make an informed decision before making a final selection. The company should base their option on a number of criteria, and not only on the price of the item. Here are some of the factors which every company should consider when choosing:

How Long a Lanyard Will Last?

A lanyard can last for several years, as compared to pens that may run out or powered gadgets which have small batteries.


LanyardsPromotional items, such as coffee cups are fragile. This means that these items could be damaged during handling or shipping. Also, these types of items might break easily if the intended recipient was not able to handle it properly. On the other hand, there is less chances for a cord to get damaged.


How visible will your promotional item be? The primary objective of any brand is to be seen by many consumers as possible. A lanyard is worn around the person’s neck, which makes it a very visible item. As compared to a pen or pencil, which could end up in the person’s drawer or desk.


This is a major concern for small companies since they don’t have enough space to store the promotional items. Glasses, baseball caps and cups need more space as compared to cords. Thousands of lanyards can fit into a very small amount of space. Also, the cords do not have any added requirements. They can be stocked in areas which get either cold or hot. Another fact to consider is that the cords can be stocked indefinitely without having any ill effects.

Appeal to the Users

The lanyard is a product which can be used by anyone. It is not meant only for a specific item. Also, it is an item which can be utilized by the young and old alike.


In order for the promotional item to be effective, it should be customizable. This means that the company can print their name and logo on the item. But, in the case of the lanyards, it means far, far more. The lanyards can be customized completely. Any company which plans to make cords can choose the materials which will be utilized, the attachment, and the method of printing. Also, the buyer can have his logo, contact information and name on the cord.


Pencils, pens and similar items have only one function. And, even if the lanyard is simple, it can be used in several different ways. It can be utilized to carry and display ID, hold a person’s fishing gear, carry a beverage or be utilized as part of the personal safety protection system. Also, it can be personalized to carry and hold more than one item at one time.


Basically, the cost is going to play an important part in any company’s decision. One of the most reasonably priced items used in promoting your product is the lanyard. Cords can be bought for about a dollar for every unit. The cost of the unit could be further reduced by the buyer by making a bulk order.

The abovementioned factors are only some of the many reasons why lanyards are the best option for a promotional item. If you check online, you will find more reasons why. Having an effective promotional item can help increase your sales significantly. So, the next you need something to promote your new or existing product consider using a lanyard.